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Hypoallergenic Oral Care is a dietary supplement with salmon. A treat for dogs, it will help keep your pet’s mouth healthy.

NATURE’S PROTECTION Superior Care – Super Premium delicacy line, which is characterized by innovative ingredients and reflects the healthy pet diet based on the latest tendencies and technologies. The delicacies contain only the highest quality protein sources and other innovative ingredients.



The product does not contain grains that can cause allergic reactions. The treat is easily digestible and does not burden the stomach, so it is perfect for dogs with sensitive digestive systems. The balanced content of probiotics and prebiotics in delicacies helps to ensure the smooth breakdown of food and its conversion into energy. Natural pea fiber and inulin contribute to the good functioning of the digestive system.

With green tea extract – a strong antioxidant

Green tea extract has anti-inflammatory properties, protects body cells from the harmful effects of the environment. A powerful antioxidant. The extract protects the body from viruses, and also helps to clean the skin from dead cells.

To maintain optimal weight

The delicacy contains – psyllium seed husk. These natural fibers help remove toxins from the pet’s body, improve stool, enrich the pet’s body with substances useful for digestion. Psyllium husk also promotes weight loss, so this treat is perfect for pets who are prone to excess body weight.

. Specialized formula

The treatment is based on a specialized formula RCE (Red Coat Enhancer), so it can enhance the red pigment.

for dental health

Thanks to the specialized form, in the process of eating, the pet cleans its teeth, and the additives contained in the drink help to remove bad odors and have a positive effect on the health of the pet’s gums.


salmon min. 24 % (dried and finely ground), pregelatinised potato starch, hydrolysed feather meal, peas, potato flakes, seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum (6 %), sorbitol, glycerine, glucose syrup, pea fibre, sodium polyphosphate (2 %), dynamic micronized clinoptilolite (1 %), chitosamine (from aquatic animals) (1 %), fructooligosaccharides (FOS), green tea extract (0,5 %), marigold dried (0,02 %). (0.16%), Bacillus subtilis probiotics.


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