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Shampoo gently cleanses and energizes, strengthens any type of fur. Caulerpa seaweed extract (known as “green caviar”), with its beneficial properties, helps to revitalize (restore) the animal’s fur. Vitamin F moisturizes and softens the skin, adds shine to the fur. The product is used for all types of fur and does not contain silicone.


Apply the shampoo to the moistened fur of the animal, massage gently until foam is formed, after foaming, rinse well with warm water. Apply the second dose of shampoo and lather well, leave for 3-4 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. After that, be sure to use a suitable fur conditioner or mask. Dry the fur with a hair dryer or a towel. If you are preparing your dog for the exhibition, it is advisable to start the procedure 45 days before and bathe your four-legged friend three times before the day of the exhibition.


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