BOTANIQA love me long shampoo 5 Liters

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LOVE ME LONG Cupuaçu & Shea

A luxurious shampoo that cleans, conditions and protects the coat from mechanic breaks. Enhanced with cupuaçu and shea extracts it provides a deep moisture to the skin and coat and also a silkiness to the coat. The gentle professional formula provides show dog look.


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The formula was specially created to be suitable for Yorkshire Terriers, Afghan Hounds, Shih tzus and DOGS with similar coat structure.


Before the bath brush your DOG precisely. Next wet the DOG’s coat well and apply Love Me Long Shampoo. Massage gently from head to tail and then rinse well. In case of need you can repeat the action. Massage gently from head to tail and then rinse well. Dry your DOG and comb as usual.

Concentrated formula 1:5


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