BOTANIQA harsh & shiny coat shampoo

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Harsh & Shiny Coat Shampoo
98,4% ingredients of natural origin
Shampoo gives correct structure to harsh, coarse coats. It dosen’t soften the coat.


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Harsh & shine shampoo especially developed to ensure correct care for harsh, wire coted dogs. It provides cleaning solution without softening the coat. Maintain natural properties of the breeds’ coat structure.

Nordic Breeds | Spitz | Samoyed | Husky | Bearded Collie | German Shepards | Airedale Terrier | Schnauzers | Griffons and any other breeds with Coarse / Harsh Coat.

Wet the DOGS coat well and apply diluted shampoo (dilution rate 1:5 up to 1:10). Massage gently from head to tail and rinse well. always use proper conditioner after using shampoo. If DOGS coat is very dirty, use Basic Deep Clean Shampoo for first stage of groomin and after that use Harsh & Shiny Coat Shampoo.


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