BOTANIQA for ever bath shampoo

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FOR EVER BATH Açaí & Pomegranate Shampoo

For Ever Bath Shampoo in an exotic nutrient luxurious blend of antioxidant rich açaí berry and pomegranate extract. nourishes, re-energizes and enriches any DOGS coat. It perfectly cleans, moisturizes and replenishes the coat. Natural fruit extracts from açaí and pomegranate creates a shiny, smooth, frizz-free finish. For Ever Bath Shampoo keeps any DOG coat healthier and in a good condition without changing the natural structure of the coat.


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Regular use for pets for conditioning and shiny coat. smooth, harsh and long coats.


Before the bath brush your DOG precisely. Next wet the DOGS coat well and apply For Ever Bath Shampoo. Massage gently from head to tail and then rinse well. In case of need you can repeat the action. Then apply For Ever Bath Conditioner. Dry your DOG and comb as usual.

Concentrated formula 1:5


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